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Approaches at an academic level
towards Plato's Atlantis as a real place

... and big collections of Web links, books, articles and videos

By Thorwald C. Franke

Contents Overview

Sophisticated introduction to Plato's Atlantis
What is Atlantis?
Introductory literature
Plato's Atlantis Dialogues
(Original Greek)

Academics, open for Atlantis as a real place
Theodor Gomperz 1902
Wilhelm Brandenstein 1951
Massimo Pallottino 1952
Rhys Carpenter 1966
Sir Desmond Lee 1971
Eberhard Zangger 1992
Herwig Görgemanns 1996

Towards an academic level for the search for Atlantis
The Labyrinth of Atlantis
Atlantis Research Charter
Greek Atlantis Conferences
Why Atlantis Searchers Can't Team Up

Thorwald C. Franke's Research
Thorwald C. Franke
FAQ My point of view
My research plan
Atlantis Conference 2008

Thorwald C. Franke's Research Publications
Aristotle and Atlantis
Atlantis and Syracuse
Herodotus – Atlantis (German only)
Critical history of Atlantis hypotheses (German only)

Various Articles by Thorwald C. Franke
Atlantis and the Bible?
Pettersson: Atlantic Ocean?
Eric H. Cline and Atlantis
Dante and Atlantis
Sergio Frau: Sardinia?
Atlantis-Malta hoax
Donovan's Atlantis

Collections – academic and non-academic
Weblink Collection
Download Center

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German only
Space Ship Atlantis
Atlantis Band
The Atlantis Searcher's Hell on Wikipedia

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