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By Thorwald C. Franke

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Introduction to Plato's Atlantis
What is Atlantis?
Introductory literature
Plato's Atlantis Dialogues
(English / Greek)

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The Search for Atlantis
The Labyrinth of Atlantis
Why Atlantis Searchers Can't Team Up
Atlantis Research Charter
Greek Atlantis Conferences

Single topics and researchers
Atlantis and the Bible?
Theodor Gomperz
Wilhelm Brandenstein
Massimo Pallottino
Sir Desmond Lee
Herwig Görgemanns
Pettersson: Atlantic Ocean?

Various Articles
Dante and Atlantis
Sergio Frau: Sardinia?
Atlantis-Malta hoax
Donovan's Atlantis

Thorwald C. Franke's Research
My research plan
FAQ My point of view
Atlantis Conference 2008
Thorwald C. Franke

Thorwald C. Franke's Research Publications
Aristotle and Atlantis
Atlantis and Syracuse
Herodotus – Atlantis (German)

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Space Ship Atlantis
Atlantis Band
The Atlantis Searcher's Hell on Wikipedia

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More or less senseless keyword text for search engines: Plato's Atlantis, described by Solon and Critias in the dialogues Timaeus and Critias (and Hermocrates), where was it? Was it in Spain near the Pillars of Hercules, maybe in the Donana national park? Or in the city of Troy of Homer's Iliad? Or was it the Minoan civilization, the Minoic culture, on Crete, or on Santorini (Thera)? Or was the metropolis of Atlantis rather in Sardinia or in Malta or in Sicily (Thorwald C. Franke)? And what role played primeval Athens and the Egyptian city of Sais? Are the pyramids and the sphinx in Egypt involved? Was Atlantis an island or a continent? Is the mythical city of Atlantis just a myth, or a mystery? Is it a mysterious legend, or a legendary vision? Just a dream or a legacy to us all? Was Atlantis destroyed by a flood, maybe even the biblical Deluge, or by an event not described in the Bible, like a tsunami, an earthquake or a volcanic eruption of a super volcano? Atlantis is today lost and sunken and a story from ancient times. Which hypothesis, which thesis, which theory is correct about this event in antiquity? Is Atlantis already discovered and found? Or is the quest still going on, and some expedition in the future will make the discovery? All the disciplines of history, prehistory, archaeology, - ah yeah! - mythology, philology and classics did not find it in millenia.        Contents Overview
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