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Reasonable introductory literature
about Plato's Atlantis

The Atlantis theme is complex and controversial, therefore there is no comprehensive introductory work. The following lists of literature help the interested newcomer to find a reasonable first access to the Atlantis theme.

Important: Some literature is available only in German resp. the original is in German. So please have a look at the German version of this page, too!

In favour of, or open for Existence

Against Existence

Plato and Egypt

Translations and Commentaries

All translations of Plato's text have their flaws since a translation is already an interpretation. You should in any case read more than one translation, at best of course the original text. Helpful are academic commentaries which comment on Plato's text sentence by sentence, word by word:

English resp. German:

Popular Science Overview Books

In the 1930s two popular science overview books on the Atlantis theme were published, which became classic. The 2015 published book "Meet me in Atlantis" can be put at their side:

German resp. English:

How to get this Literature

Older translations of Plato's text are available for free on the internet. Some of the books are out of print. You can buy them e.g. on Articles from academic journals are available via libraries.

Tip for your internet searches: Do not search for "Atlantis" but for "Atlantis Plato". The quality of the results will rise drastically.


Of course, these recommendations are not meant to set any limit to your own thoughts and research. But I hope I could make a reasonable access to the Atlantis theme easier for you!

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