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All given dates are BC and approximate estimations, only.
Mistaken or mythical dates are set in quotation marks.

"11800"? Foundation of Egypt, pharaoh Menes
(mistaken assumption of the Greeks, cf. Herodotus, Plato, Diodorus etc.!)
"10350" Minimum age of Egypt
(mistaken assumption of Plato, The Laws II 656e)
"9600" War of Atlantis against Egypt and primeval Athens
(mistaken assumption of Plato)
"Later" First flood disaster, Atlantis and Athens
(mistaken assumption of Plato)

"8600" Foundation of Sais
(mistaken assumption of Plato)

No date Second flood disaster
(mistaken assumption of Plato)

3000 Foundation of the Egyptian empire (pharaoh Menes)
Invention of writing, introduction of the Solar calendar.
2600 Building of the pyramids at Gizah
2000-1400 Minoan culture on Crete
1600? Minoan Eruption on Thera/Santorini
1600-1190 Mycenaean culture

"1529/8" Third flood disaster, Deucalion
(according to Parian Chronicle; Plato's third flood)

1227-1191 Attacks of the Sea Peoples on Egypt
until the victory of pharaoh Ramesses III
"1200"? Destruction of Troy

1150-800 The "Dark Ages"
1200-1000 Dorian Invasion?
1200-800 Height of the Phoenician culture
1100 The Phoenicians reach the straits of Gibraltar for the first time
900/800? Emergence of the Etruscans
814 Foundation of Carthage by the Phoenicians

8th cent. Homer's epics are put to the written form
8th cent. First Greek colonies in southern Italy
"753" Legendary foundation of Rome
710 Invention of the Trireme
600 Circumnavigation of Africa by the Phoenicians on behalf of Pharaoh Necho II

590 Solon in Egypt
450 Herodotus in Egypt
399 The Death of Socrates
395? Plato in Egypt?
388/366/361 Plato in Syracuse/Sicily
360? Writing of the dialogues Timaeus and Critias by Plato        Contents Overview
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